GR8Sales, is an Institution of Higher Learning, which is available to you 24/7/365.  

It is a perfect one stop “Sales Empowerment Solution”, for anyone who wants to get the most out of life and business.

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This institute of higher learning, offers you an effective, Personal Sales Enablement Solution, which extends beyond traditional, Sales Development. It offers you the opportunity to, not just learn a few new sales skills, but also empowers you, to actually apply all of them on the job, so that you will see the improvements in sales that you want. 

It is ideal for: 

-Sales Professionals, Sales Leaders, Business Owners and anyone, who wants to learn the power of POSITIVE INFLUENCE
-This institution of higher learning is perfect for anyone, who has a dream that needs to be brought to market, as it provides them with a multitude of easy to use and apply sales courses. 

We offer sales courses on:· 

– Sales negotiation
– Customer integration
– Closing
– Money and finances
– Motivation.

These are just some of the great Sales Empowerment tools offered by this premier business training platform.

Why our Courses?

We convert consumption time into learning time​

This Sales Empowerment Solution, is designed, so that you will use consumption (wasted) time, for learning. One example, is our audio books, which you listen to during your commute. As learning, this way, does not take much additional time out of your day, it is far easier to remain engaged with the training in the long term. This happens, because you don"t feel overwhelmed.

Teaching is effective, because it is delivered in a blended learning approach

We use a blended learning approach, to deliver our training, so that learning is delivered in a multitude of different formats. This multichannel approach, encourages learning, real understanding and application in your sales environment. As you are exposed to our various learner resources daily, you will get to both learn and apply the new knowledge on the job.

We teach you how to perform all the right Daily Sales Activities within your available time

We know that sales success, is all about ensuring that you perform enough of the "RIGHT DAILY SALES ACTIVITIES". We understand this completely and as such we support you to tailor your Sales Empowerment Solution, to suite your specific circumstances and we then support you to convert your daily, weekly and monthly objectives into activities.

We teach you to master your sales day, so that you can optimise all that you get done

We understand that sales professionals, have to keep selling, even when they are learning new sales skills. We have designed all our Sales Empowerment Solutions, with this in mind. You will learn to not only convert consumption time, into learning time, but we will also empower you with our Time Mastery solution, which will support you to get the most from your sales day.

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Why our Courses?

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