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Humanity is going through a major shift in terms of our collective consciousness, awareness and innerstanding around who we are, where we come from and where we as a species are headed. We have created this short online program to: 1. Innerstand why humanity has created this world of lack, war, famine and debt. 2. Innerstand, who is working in the shadows against the best interests of humanity 3. Innerstand, who has been working on behalf of humanity,, to support us to escape from our self imposed enslavement 4. Innersand what GESARA is and how this program was born 5. Innerstand who the white hats are, who have been fighting for our freedom, for decades 6. Innerstand what the implementation of GESARA means to humanity 7. Innerstanding how the Deep State captured humanity 8. Common Law - Innerstanding your Straw Man and Cestui Que Vie Trust 9. Common Law - Innerstanding the term LAW and how to leverage this to your advantage 10. Common Law - What we can expect in the short, medium and long term 11. Common Law - Innerstanding how to regain our Sovereignty , using Natural LAW

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