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Common LAW – You never ever lose your INALIENABLE RIGHTS

Common LAW – You never ever lose your INALIENABLE RIGHTS

As my research into Natural LAW (Common LAW) has progressed, I have realised that despite the Deep State (Cabal), creating a fraudulent legal system, humanity has never ever lost our INALIENABLE RIGHTS.

All we need to do is correct the errors made by the state, when they registered us as a corporation, viewed us as lost at sea and we need to write an express trust as executor of our CQV Trust , or Straw-man and we can exert our “INALIENABLE RIGHTS

Please watch the video below, for a comprehensive outline, to support your inner-standing of this subject

Below are three examples of how to conduct yourself, when before a magistrate or (JUDGE). As I stated in the video, there are a number of different approaches, no one is more correct than the other.

I have placed a fourth example below demonstrating an alternate approach, to initiate your contact with the court.

Always remember to have your unabridged birth certificate with you and when the magistrate asks if the person with the same name as yours, which is written in all capital letters, is present. Point to the birth certificate and acknowledge that he or she is present, but ensure that you state that you are not that person. State that you are the executor of said minor estate or CQV Trust.

As stated in the video, I have placed all the documentation required below:

The document below is a very detailed explanation that will guide you to recover your minor estate and completely regain your Sovereignty.

Below, please find all the info you need, when travelling in a vehicle

Below, please find detail on the doctrine Parens Patriae

Below, please find a link to an incredible website, which contains all the info you will need.

Useful link to help inner-stand Natural LAW

Below, please find another link to a great website, which contains a number of crucial insights, which will help you prepare, before attending court or meeting a policemen at a traffic stop

Understanding your Sovereignty