Consciousness – Innerstanding how to raise your consciousness

Consciousness – Innerstanding how to raise your consciousness

Innerstanding consciousness and why it is important to raise your consciousness, to support humanity, to escape from the control of the Cabal, can be a pretty complex construct to innerstand.

To support people, who are new to this incredible journey, I have designed the video below, using an analogy of climbing the stairs, in a 5 storey building, to explain the journey required to travel, towards raising your consciousness.

In this video, I have tried to explain the various states of consciousness, we find ourselves in, as we strive to raise our consciousness, from one state to the next. Each floor in turn, represents a different state of consciousness.

I have also tried to explain, in broad terms the shifts we need to make, before we can begin to climb the stairs, between floors, to allow us to move from one floor to the next or said differently, raise our consciousness, from the physically connected third density to the energetic level of the fifth density.

I have created the video below, in an attempt to simplify and to also explain, how and why, our consciousness shifts away from the pure physically connected realm, towards the energetic or spiritual.

Please read below for a detailed explanation of the state of consciousness, represented by each hypothetical floor, in the building:

First floor

  • The first floor represents, people who are so wrapped up in paying off their debts and making it financially from one month to the next, that they have very little time or energy, to devote to their spiritual or sentient side.
  • This is a place where people feel trapped, they have very little time to just be, and they are buried in their own survival. This makes the first floor, the most difficult place to break free from, as they have very little time or energy left, to devote towards their spiritual growth.
  • These people, suffer with cravings and may even be addicted to some kind of substance, as a coping mechanism.
  • Moving from the first to the second floor, takes a big effort and often occurs due to a shock or massive loss in their lives.
  • Moving from the first to the second floor, more often than not, requires help, as these folks are trapped in doing and have no time left for being.
  • These people have a massive hole in their lives, which they try to fill with things or through substance abuse.
  • Depression is very common amongst people in this group.

Second Floor

  • The second floor is a place of neutrality, courage and excitement.
  • They are a little less stressed and have a little more time available to start exploring the energetic side of their world.
  • They become curious about the possibility that there may be something bigger than them, but they are not sure where to start looking, yet.
  • This curiosity turns into a desire to discover more about what may be hidden from them.
  • On the second floor, people crave recognition and are driven by the outward facing part of their ego.
  • They demonstrate their worth, by the possessions they have or the positions they hold.
  • They feel that there is something missing from their lives and so they try to fill these holes with more and more possessions, or things to try to earn the respect and love of others.
  • The way that they begin to move from the second to the third floor, starts with them realising that, if they want to change things for the better, they must accept their role in creating their current circumstances
  • This acceptance emboldens and empowers them to stop playing the blame game.
  • This shift sees them start looking for something bigger than them and they start to explore beyond limited perspective of the physical and they begin to embrace the construct of their energetic or spiritual side.

Floor three

  • People on the third floor, begin to see beyond the mere physical and they begin to accept the possibility that we may indeed have spiritual component to our lives.
  • They begin to want to gain knowledge about the spiritual component of their existence
  • They have a deep rooted interest in taking action to improve their lives and uncover the spiritual component of their experience.
  • They accept 100% responsibility for everything in their lives
  • This allows them to start looking beyond the world of mere things and they begin to comprehend the possibility that we are both physical and energetic beings.
  • As they are still engaged in doubt and require proof for everything, they are still unable to accept the possibility of eternity or that we are spiritual beings having a fleeting physical experience.
  • These people are connected to the physical world, but are inquisitive about the spiritual component of their lives.
  • As they start to uncover, more and more proof, through learning and enquiry, and using logic and theory they begin to move from the third to the fourth floor.
  • They begin to show a very limited interest in meditation, yoga or some other form of physical methodology to support them to connect to their spiritual side.
  • They begin to experience small glimpses of their inner spiritual side
  • They move from the third to the fourth floor, as their innerstanding of their energetic or spiritual side grows from doubt to acceptance.

Floor Four

  • As they realise that we all have both a physical and energetic spiritual side to our lives, they arrive on the fourth floor.
  • They increase the amount of time they engage with meditation and they begin to experience the power of prayer.
  • This is the first time to that people, begin to experience meaningful love, peace and tranquility.
  • As these people continue to research and discover TRUTH, they begin to “SEE”
  • They realise through research, logic and science that should they want to raise their consciousness further, they must embrace their ego, stop feeling angry and they must no longer live in FEAR.
  • All of their epiphanies come from in-depth research and through the use of logic and science
  • This innerstanding, gained through the use of logic and science, and by dipping their toe into the energetic or spiritual world, through meditation, prayer and decrees, will support them to climb the stairs from the fourth to the fifth floor.
  • If they want to leave the fourth floor, and enter the fifth floor, they need to accept that science and logic, got them to the top of the stairs between the fourth and fifth floors.
  • If they want to enter the incredible place of unconditional love on the fifth floor, they must let go of logic and science completely.
  • They must through meditation and prayer, allow themselves time to let go and just be.

Floor five

  • Before entering the fifth floor of unconditional love and peace, they must relinquish their belief in logic and science and they must embrace the construct of creation, believe the fact that we are eternal sentient beings of pure light and energy, they must accept the existence of a prime creator and that we are spiritual beings, having a fleeting physical experience.
  • The fifth floor is where the physical world disappears completely
  • It is a realm of pure Unconditional Love and connection to everything and everyone.
  • Past present and future all exist simultaneously
  • It feels like we are on the outside of this artificial world of the physical and we are looking in to something artificial and unreal.
  • Although, I am in the early stages of experiencing this incredible realm, I believe that when there, it is the first time I have experienced truth and REALITY.
  • The fifth floor is a place of unconditional love and joy, where the possibility evil, death or anger just cannot exist.
  • We access this realm, through our pineal gland, which I will explain in great detail, later in this section.

I am designing this online resource, to support you, to begin the incredible journey, towards elevated consciousness.

Should you wish, further insight, please read the PDF, below: