Clearing all the blocks, standing in the way of you meditating

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Clearing all the blocks, standing in the way of you meditating

One way, which I have discovered to begin the journey towards, connecting to this field, using meditation, is to learn to let go of your limiting beliefs:

  1. The first limit you need to remove, is the believe that you are merely a physical carbon based life form, which has an expiry date. (You are eternal and your sentient life force merely changes form, it can never be destroyed)
  2. The second belief, is that your energy field only extends 3 meters from your body. (Consciousness is infinite, with infinite possibility and infinite love)
  3. The third belief, is that you can’t grow your energy field, infinitely large. (We have an incredible tool, namely our pineal gland, which opens the door, to consciousness, for all of us)

Engaging trans dimensional constructs

So how do you engage with the trans dimensional constructs, which will allow you to expand your energy field infinitely. This is the place, where we get to express ourselves, to a greater state of being. It is an energetic place, beyond our physical awareness, a place of infinite energy, infinite possibility, timelessness and unconditional love.

There are many ways of letting go of the physically connected ego and accepting that you are pure energy. The one I find easiest and most effective is meditation. 

Using Meditation, as a tool to engage the trans dimensional realm of unlimited possibility

Innerstand how we mould our past, present and future

Before we delve into the construct of meditation, I want to try to explain, how to innerstand, the reality, we experience, so that we are better equipped to mitigate stress and any stressors from our experience. 

As I stated previously, we can never expect to meditate, if we are living in a place of stress. I share this innerstanding with you, to demonstrate how much Control, you actually exert over what you experience.

Known past and predictable future

Most people live in the known past or the predictable future. I can hear you saying, “PREDICTABLE FUTURE”, how is that possible? Life seems random and the future is not predictable at all – “OR IS IT”? 

Your future is predictable, because it, is a direct outcome (effect) of the thoughts you think, the habits you possess and the beliefs, you hold onto. 

So how does this work? 

Did you know that we think 90 – 95 % of the same thoughts every day. So, as you can imagine, as long as you keep thinking the same thoughts, you can never develop new habits or alter your beliefs in any way. 

As long as you remain thinking the same thoughts, related to the known past or predictable future. The future that will unfold for you, will be exactly the same one, that you are living right now. How can you expect things to change, unless you are willing or able to change, your thinking, which in turn will support you to develop new habits and gradually change your entrenched beliefs?