Innerstanding the construct of Consciousness

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Innerstanding the construct of Consciousness

Consciousness is self awareness and awareness of the self

I do not subscribe to the Freudian model, at all, where consciousness is viewed from a layered perspective.

According to this model, consciousness is divided into three layers, namely: 

  1. Alert consciousness
  2. Subconscious 
  3. Unconscious. 

This is the typical model, used by medical science, to describe consciousness

Viewing consciousness from this perspective, is very limiting and does not, explore even a modicum of all that our brains can do or the construct of “CONSCIOUSNESS” at all. 

I do not believe that consciousness is layered at all. I see it as homogeneous. 

In other words, I do not see consciousness, as a state:

  1. Awake
  2. Asleep 
  3. Or as a hidden part of our brain, over which we have little or no control. (Subconscious)

I, rather view, consciousness, as a pathway for us, to connect to and engage with our higher spiritual selves, ascendant masters, our spirit guides, angels and Prime creator. 

In fact when, we explore the realm of “CONSCIOUSNESS”. It is an interconnected realm, where every being and every thing, is connected and part of the same love filled, closed system. 

In the realm of “CONSCIOUSNESS”, there is peace and tranquility and it is a place, where the construct of “LOVE” prevails. It is a magnificent place, which everyone can visit, using their inner connected super conscious self.

Collective Consciousness

We are all part of a collective consciousness identity. Our “Consciousness” is what makes us human. I do not believe that .being human, has very much to do with our physical selves, at all. Our physical selves, is only a microcosm of what we really are. Our conscious, is limitless and extends way beyond the world of the physical. 

It is a place of timelessness, where we are all interconnected, sentient spiritual beings of pure light and energy.

Stop thinking of yourself as merely your physical body alone. Extending beyond your physical body, is an energy field, known as your aura. The first layer is called your aetheric field. `This is the, first minuscule part of your aura, which gives you, access to additional senses. 

For example:

When someone comes up behind you and enters your aura , you sense them, even though you cannot see, hear or feel them. This is also called a proximity sense. 

Remember this, when engaging in any form of physical contact

When you touch someone you touch them with your entire energy field, which suggests that one should be conscious and aware of all the energies you invite into your “SPACE”.

What is your Aetheric field?

It is the field of energy, which extends, beyond your physical body. It is part of your non physical or pure energy self, which means that our bodies are surrounded by an invisible energy field, which cannot be perceived by any of our five senses. 

It is that energetic part of us, that forms part of what we sometimes call our sixth sense. 

Another example of the energetic side of us, as humans, is our intuition. I think of intuition, as what you know before you think. It is the most obvious connection, we have to collective consciousness, the quantum field, vacuum fluctuations or zero point energy.

Our third density energy field extends about 3 meters beyond our body and represents the most minuscule  part of true consciousness. This is the energy field, which most people are aware of. 

The construct of “CONSCIOUSNESS”, is however infinite and our ability to access it, is limited only by our own perceptions and beliefs. 

What is Consciousness?

I want to share an infinite place of energy and possibility, which exists, beyond your personal energy field. This is the pace I refer to as “CONSCIOUSNESS”. A more apt description for this would be “COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS”. This is an interconnected place of infinite energy, light , love and possibility.

From a really fundamental perspective, in this third density, physically connected realm. You exist as a 3 meter bubble of energy, which surrounds a carbon based physical body.  That however is just the tip of the iceberg. Beyond that limited, physically connected perspective, is a field of infinite energy, timelessness and pure love consciousness. 

If you want to learn how to connect with the field of “COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS”, which is an energetic field, where all beings are interconnected. (Note I said beings, not just human beings).