Innerstanding the Pineal gland, as your gateway to access your sentient side

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Innerstanding the Pineal gland, as your gateway to access your sentient side

When working with your pineal gland it is important to know where it is. Please explore the graphics above to familiarise yourself with its location.

Activating the Pineal Gland

We all dream every night and I am sure that some of you may have even have had some sort of transcendental, out of body experiences, too. Those, dreams and transcendental experiences, all occur in the world, which is beyond our five senses. 

In this section, I want to try to explain the role the Pineal gland plays in these experiences and more importantly, I want to explain how to utilise the Power of your PINEAL GLAND, to transcend the physical, so that you can connect to“CONSCIOUSNESS”, itself.

The Pineal gland is located in the limbic brain, just at the back of your throat. It is about the size of a grain of rice, but don’t let its size fool you, as to its power and importance. (See graphics above, for its exact location)

It is the part of our brain that controls wakefulness and sleep

The way that it does this is through the excretion of Serotonin and Melatonin. When our optic nerve perceives visible light, the pineal gland is stimulated to produce Serotonin. This is the get up and go hormone. 

So as you can imagine – Serotonin keeps us connected to the outer world 

As the light fades during the day, our brain converts the production of Serotonin into Melatonin

As Melatonin levels rise in our brain, our brain waves begin to slow down, as follows::

  1. High beta (The brain wave frequency experienced, when you are stressed and overwhelmed)
  2. Beta (The go hard brain wave frequency, when you are awake and aware)
  3. Alpha (The brain wave frequency, as you day dream and start to move into a drowsy state)
  4. Theta (This the brain wave frequency, you experience, as you fall asleep and remain in a light state of sleep)
  5. Delta brain wave frequencies (This is the brain wave frequency experienced, when you are in a deep state of Rem sleep)

It is important to note here that melatonin production is at its optimal level, between 1 and 4 am. That is why I recommend that people, who are new to meditation and who want to be in the most empowered chemical state, to support them to enter a meditative state, should  attempt to do so, as soon, after this time as possible. 

The reason I recommend this, is because, your body is moving from a sleep state towards a wakeful state, so it is easier to  “NOT” fall asleep, as you stimulate your brain to move through Theta, brain wave frequency, into an aroused Gamma state of deep meditation. Once you have mastered the art of not falling asleep, as you move through Theta, to Gamma, early in the day. You will then be equipped to achieve this state, far easier at other times of day. 


Another crucial thing to remember, is that stress, has an incredibly negative effect on Melatonin production.

For example: 

When a predator is trying to attack or eat us. Sleeping is not a great idea. So, to protect us during times of danger, our bodies are designed to not produce melatonin and thus keep us awake and aware. 

So if you want to improve your ability to sleep and meditate, you must find innovative ways to deal with stress and stressors in your life. 

As you can imagine, it is difficult enough to sleep, when you are stressed, but, it is completely impossible to meditate, until you remove the stressors from your circumstances. So if you truly have a desire to raise your consciousness, then you first need to deal with everything, which is causing stress, in your life. 

The benefits, which will accrue to you, when you commit to do this are immense. Of course you will feel a whole lot better, as the stress disappears, but you will also experience optimised health and your body, will be better equipped to carry out the daily repairs and cell regeneration, required, to keep you healthy. 

Low Melatonin – Weight gain too (side note)

The other downside of stressing and the resultant, low melatonin production, is weight gain. Melatonin also helps with carbohydrate metabolism, so when you are stressed and your body produces less Melatonin, your body will take the carbs in your diet and store them as fat. 

So, reducing stress has a number of benefits, besides providing you with the body chemistry to support you to meditate and connect with “CONSCIOUSNESS”.

Your Third Eye

The Pineal gland has been called the Third eye. When you examine a cross section of the limbic brain, it is identical to the Eye Of Horus, from Egyptian mythology. 

What is the Pineal gland?

It is an amazing Pine Coned shaped gland, the size of a grain of rice, located at the base of the skull, towards the back of the throat. The location of the Pineal gland is important, to know, so that we know, where to place our attention, when trying to activate it.

The Pineal gland is a transducer, which contains small Piezoelectric crystals. These crystals, emit light and electro mechanical energy, when mechanical force is applied, to compress them. (I will explain, later in this section, how to apply this pressure, to the Pineal gland).  

As you apply a mechanical force to these crystals, which are stacked on top of each other, the stress produces another from of energy, namely light and an electrical charge.

Innerstanding our central nervous system

Now that we know what happens in our Pineal gland, when mechanical pressure is applied. I want to explain, how you can do this yourself. 

The best analogy, I can use to describe our central nervous system, is a system of electric wires, which is similar to the wiring, which runs a very complex machine. The central nervous system, is a closed system, which contains Cerebrospinal fluid. The main function of this fluid is to provide a cushion against impact and to enhance the flow of electrical charge throughout the system. 

Below, please find a detailed explanation around what the pineal gland is. This PDF, contains details around how to start the process of declassifying your pineal gland and ideas on how to start using it more effectively.