Let go and let be

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Let go and let be

Let go and let be

As you let go of the physical and those limiting beliefs, which are keeping you trapped in the physical.

You equip yourself, to start your journey towards your inner connected self of pure energy or “CONSCIOUSNESS” itself.

These are crucial constructs, which you should accept, if you want to travel the path towards enlightenment. 

  1. Recognise that, you are more than just your physical vessel. 
  2. Accept that we are all interconnected and “CONSCIOUSNESS” is a place where we are all one.
  3. There is always a way to overcome every block, which may be standing in your way. 
  4. Learn patience and accept that everything will happen at the right time. 
  5. Do not try to force anything. 
  6. Focus your monkey brain on your breathe, to give it something to do. (Focus on your breathe)
  7. Get out of your own way, relax and just be. 
  8. CONSCIOUSNESS”, is found at the place, where thinking and your senses end. 
  9. Learn compassion.  
  10. Compassion is a pathway to enlightenment 
  11. Once you have transcended consciousness, you experience an absolute “DRIVE” to be compassionate and you live to be in service to others.
  12. Let go of your need to always be right, as you cannot transcend consciousness, when you hold onto this physical element of your ego. 
  13. Raise your vibration and accept that you are pure light energy, that is in perfect vibrational synchronisation with the universe and your I am presence.
  14. Be grateful and LOVE your life and everyone in it.

To raise your consciousness, you don’t need to acquire anything. 

  • You start by letting go of all that is holding you away from, who you really are. 
  • As you are an energetic being of pure light energy, who has descended from a place of enlightenment, to enter this physical body. 
  • There is nothing to do, except let go and let BE.  
  • When you can accept and embrace the above constructs, you are beginning to allow yourself to let go of that physically connected part of your ego, and those limiting  beliefs that are restricting and limiting you.  
  • Enlightenment is not something you pursue, it is something you RE-DISCOVER