Using gratitude as a tool to prepare you to live in the now and to set the right emotional state to meditate effectively

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Using gratitude as a tool to prepare you to live in the now and to set the right emotional state to meditate effectively

Change your limiting thinking

Everything, which I describe below, is a process. You can never expect to eliminate stress and change your life in a day, but you can most certainly work daily, to over time use the process described below, to eliminate stress from your life. 

Eliminating stress from your experience, can never happen in a day, but is inevitable, when you consciously focus on the process described below, daily. 

If your thoughts are delivering an undesirable outcome. 

You have the power to change them

All you need to do, is to work, to change your thoughts and to start thinking more loving thoughts or thoughts about everything you appreciate in your life (GRATITUDE) and your body will do the rest.

Namely, generate chemicals or hormones, which will result in a positive emotion such as “LOVE or “GRATITUDE”, which in turn will result in a “LOVING and GRACIOUS MOOD”. 

This “LOVING or GRACIOUS MOOD” will over time morph into your temperament and the refractory energies, of “LOVE and GRATITUDE” that you express for years, will become an entrenched personality trait, namely – One of “LOVE and APPRECIATION”. 

LOVE and APPRECIATION” will then be stored in your body, as your memorised emotion of choice. 

When is the best time to have planted a tree, which takes 20 years to grow. Well obviously 20 years ago. Well, what if you did not plant the tree 20 years ago. Well then the best time ,to plant it – “WOULD BE RIGHT NOW”. 

Inviting “LOVE and APPRECIATION“, into your experience, is easier than you think, as feeling “LOVE and APPRECIATION” is our natural state. 

Start right now and every time you think a thought, about the known past or predictable future, consciously “STOP YOURSELF”, by repeating a positive mantra or saying, such as: 

I am deeply thankful for the abundance, love and joy that surrounds me every day.”

Keep repeating this positive thought or mantra, with as much emotion, as possible, until, your habitual way of thinking subsides. (Your emotions are the force behind your hidden creative powers)

Choosing a mantra, which is right for you is a very “PERSONAL CHOICE” Invest enough time to ensure that the mantra, you choose, really resonates with you, on an intuitive level. The more your mantra resonates with you, the more effective it will be, at removing those limiting thoughts

As you repeat your chosen mantra and you allow yourself to move out of the known past and predictable future, you will gradually, be moved into the “GENEROUS NOW”.

This is the only place, where you can create or change anything, in your experience. 

The most empowering way to be “PRESENT”, is to meditate. 

When you meditate, you are experiencing the sweet spot of your “GENEROUS NOW”, you are completely “PRESENT”, as you are connected to your inner, powerful and creative self. 

As you meditate, where you are present, in your “CREATIVE NOW”, and you think new positive empowering thoughts, you will, over time create a new empowering positive personality and thus a new positive “PERSONAL REALITY”. Your new reality will be the result of new directed and targeted thinking, process. 

Thus, as you live in a place where you have invited a positive loving and appreciative mood into your experience and you meditate and create in the GENEROUS NOW, where you consistently think new positive thoughts, you will gradually, over time develop new habits and beliefs. 

As this happens, you will get to predict exactly how your future will unfold. This happens because you will project a new positive attitude (LOVE and APPRECIATION), new empowering thoughts (CAREFULLY CHOSEN THOUGHTS), which will help you to develop new “HABITS and BELIEFS”, which in turn, will help you to create the exact incredible future that you desire.