Using meditation as a pathway towards connecting to your Inner all knowing self

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Using meditation as a pathway towards connecting to your Inner all knowing self

Getting started with meditation

Warming up your physical body, in preparation for meditation. 

There are numerous techniques for meditating, so as such I recommend that you explore a number of different modalities, until you discover one, which resonates with you. The modality, which you choose, is a very personal choice.

I will describe the technique I use, to prepare myself to meditate, but remember that  there are many other ways, which may suit you better, so don’t be disappointed if this one does not resonate with you. Keep exploring and by using trail and error, you will eventually discover a technique, which resonates, best with you. 

Remember that you will have random thoughts enter your brain, as you try to meditate. The video below, is an excellent method to use to help you to reduce and eventually completely eliminate those distracting thoughts.

I use the technique described below:

  1. Sit, comfortably with your spine straight. 
  2. To give your monkey mind something to do, focus all your attention on your breathe.
  3. As you breathe in, for the count of eight, focus your attention (monkey brain) on feeling the cold air enter through your nostrils.
  4. As you inhale, raise your pelvic floor towards your belly button, using the same muscles, which you use to vacate your bowel.
  5. Hold your breathe for a count of eight and focus your monkey brain on raising your pelvic bone towards your navel.
  6. This will apply pressure to the cerebrospinal fluid in your spine, which in turn will apply pressure to your Pineal gland.
  7. Breathe out for a count of 16, relax and allow your pelvis to naturally flex forward.
  8. This will maintain a small amount of pressure to your cerebrospinal fluid and your pineal gland.
  9. Repeat this breathing pattern for between 3 to 5 minutes, to warm up, before meditating. 

I am including the video, by Dr. Joe Dispenza, once again to remind you how to perform this technique.

As you perform this breathing exercise you are putting mechanical pressure on your pineal gland, to activate the Piezoelectric crystals, within it and you have given your monkey brain something to focus on too, so that over time, it will stop disturbing you with random thoughts, which distract you.

This breathe work, will prepare your body and energy field, allowing you to take control of the connection between your conscious thinking mind and your inner self. It is a gradual process of letting go of those limiting beliefs, which are keeping you trapped, in the physical world, as you move toward the place of the emotional and aetheric. 

Alway remember that your 3 m bubble of energy, which surrounds you is the first energetic place, where you start to experience your energetic side. This is the bubble, which you can expand infinitely, to become part of collective consciousness or the quantum field.