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Quantum Financial System

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Quantum Financial System

To escape from the Cabals, fraudulent money creation, money supply and Banking systems, we will need to introduce a new tamper free system, for doing the following:

  • Creating coin (Providing an asset backed currency)
  • Creating an online quantum ledger system for managing our assets and paying for goods and services
  • We also require a secure online quantum system, for distributing currency, so that it can serve as a sophisticated bartering system, for the exchange of goods and services.
  • Creating a system for cross border currency transfers
  • Creating a simple system for managing the new Sales Tax, one for both collection and distribution of the funds, to best serve humanity

The videos below, have been made with the intention of answering these questions. They are based on in-depth research, logic, my own intuition and through insights gained from other sources, too. They are obviously based on my own perceptions and beliefs, so please ensure that you conduct your own research to confirm my hypotheses.

I have made 3 videos on this new Quantum asset and currency management system. For ease of reference, I have called this system the QFS or Quantum Financial System.

Please watch them in the order presented below, if you would like a full perspective on my thoughts in this respect.