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You are enslaved, you just don’t know it -YET

You are enslaved, you just don’t know it -YET

We have met a number of people, who think we are insane to even suggest that humanity is enslaved by a group of Bank Gangsters. They look around their world at the so called freedom they seem to have and the fact that they even get to vote and suggest that we must be crazy, to even suggest something so ludicrous.

That is the reason we have made this video

Our vision with this video, is to demonstrate, how it would be and in fact is possible to be enslaved and not even be aware of it.

Please follow the link below to view the video

Humanity has been enslaved for a very, very long time.

I know that sounds insane, but stick with me for a just a little longer and you will too will SEE, what 18 hours of research a day, over the past two years, has revealed.

If you are indeed a SLAVE – Would you want to know?

So if I am enslaved, how have they hidden it from me?

Well let’s image that you wanted to enslave humanity and keep even this fact from them – “HOW WOULD YOU DO IT“?

Control Governments

  • Would you not also strive to control all governments around the world, using bribery, honey potting and corruption?
  • Would you give people the false belief that they have choice by say, offering them two political parties to choose from?
  • Would you not ensure that only the candidate with the most money, ever gets elected, as they can outspend their competition and thus be in the public eye more often.  
  • Would you then not also ensure that only the right candidate, who will do your bidding, gets enough money?
  • Would you not also ensure that all elections around the world, are corrupted and decided by electronic equipment, which organisations you own – programmed?
  • Would you not use these corrupt voting machines to select only the people, who would do your bidding?
  • Now you control all governments.

Stick with me for just a while longer and I will show you what I have found. It is both shocking and incredible.

Control the Mainstream Media

  • Would you not create the illusion of choice in media, by creating a number of different news outlets, (CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, etc, etc, etc.) and then would you not carefully conceal the ownership of of these organisations, by spreading ownership amongst 6 different companies?
  • Would you not use your absolute control over the mainstream media, to promulgate any propaganda message you needed, so that you can control the narrative?
  • For example:
  • If someone, maybe Saddam Hussein, starts to threaten to stop selling his oil using the Petro Dollar?
  • Would it not be convenient to maybe suggest that he has weapons of mass destruction, via your mainstream propaganda machine? 
  • Would you not promote FEAR and suggest that the world must be protected from him and his weapons of mass destruction?
  • This would then justify a war against this so called tyrant, so that you could destroy his country and stop him from no longer using the Petrodollar and disobeying your instructions. 
  • No weapons of mass destruction were ever found, in Iraq.

Would you not create an industry called:

“Tell a Lie Vision

  • Would you nor create an industry around something called Tell a Lie vision, to “PROGRAM” peoples minds with “Tell a Lie Vision Programmes
  • Would you not call the people, whose job it is to “CAST PROGRAMMING SPELLS” on people – a “CAST”, who attend a “CASTING” and then you guessed it, would you not then “BROADCAST” this programming spell, into peoples homes daily?
  • Would you then not write scripts, which are aligned with the same propaganda lie, being pushed by your mainstream media, so that you can support the narrative required, to control people and the way they think.

BAR Association

  • Would you not Create an international legal organisation, possibly called The “BAR Association
  • Would you then use your propaganda machine to make government’s, businesses and individuals believe, that they needed to protect themselves from possible litigation, by only using contacts drawn up by lawyers?
  • Now, as the “BAR Association, you would now control governments, businesses and individuals, because they must first consult with you before they can do anything and then when you do draw up contracts, you can push them in any direction that you want.
  • The BAR, effectively controls every corporation, government and individual, because they draw up all contracts.
  • They also control governments, because they are consulted before any legislation is voted on in congress or the Senate. 

Peer Reviewed Science

  • Would you not bribe a first scientist, to achieve any outcome you needed, so that their findings would also  be aligned with the narrative you needed to push via your mainstream propaganda machine, and that you promoted via the Tele a Lie vision and which would then be supported by the peoples heroes from Hollywood, too?
  • Would you then bribe a second scientist to come up with the same incorrect findings, so that you could now fool people with so called PEER REVIEWED SCIENCE?


Would you not control education from nursery school all the way to tertiary education, so that you could create a mind set, which is susceptible to “SEEING AUTHORITY AS TRUST“, so that people would blindly believe everything what they saw, from an authoritative source.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Would you not own and control the Pharmaceutical industry, so that you could create mind control drugs, say like anti depressants, which people will be enticed to take like candy, so that they would be docile and compliant?.  

I know this is a lot to absorb and I am sure that you are suffering from cognitive dissonance, around about now, due to just how unbelievable all of this must seem.

Conspiracy Theorist

Imagine for a moment” – You are a very evil enslaver, who does not want your slaves to know that they are even enslaved.

No worries, if you were trying to enslave people without their knowledge, would you not also program them with a go to phrase, which depicts an absolute idiot, and stops them in their tracks, maybe something like calling them a “Conspiracy Theorist“,

Would this not stop them in their tracks, before they even bothered to become curious, so that they would be too embarrassed to even take look, at what was causing them to suffer from “COGNITIVE DISSONANCE” in the first place?

Then even those people, who did become curious, would be shamed into not speaking about what they discovered, as the people around them would treat them with disdain?

Are you starting to see a pattern yet?

If this has peaked your interest, then continue to engage with this online resource and you will be both shocked by what has been done to humanity and you will also feel ecstatic by the incredible future, which awaits humanity.

The above is just the tip of the iceberg, the evil perpetrated by the Deep State runs very deep indeed and includes very nefarious things like deploying MK Ultra type mind control on humanity, so that their propaganda and mass control methods were even more effective.

The tools they have used are described in the video below:

Please watch it, with an open mind, as you will be thrust far out of your comfort zone where you will be exposed to the very information our enslavers don’t want us to know. So they as you can What if they have used their propaganda machine to program us not to even bother taking a look.