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We have created this online resource to support people to begin their personal journey towards innerstanding the facts behind the following:

Our vision with this resource, is to provide seekers of the truth, with an easily accessible online – one stop resource, which will support them to do the following:

  1. Learn how to SEE the signs, which demonstrate “The demise of the New World Order”
  2. Innerstand what the Great Awakening is
    1. New World Order Vs The Great Awakening 
  3. Innerstand how the Deep State has enslaved humanity, by registering both our countries and its people as corporations
    1. Innerstanding your Strawman
  4. The background section offers you the opportunity to use 12 non Google search engines, to search 83 different search terms, which will help you to conduct your own research and build a deeper innerstanding of the TRUTH
    1. Non Google Search Engines
  5. We have also created a weekly news section, to share the news, that the mainstream media is hiding from you
    1. Latest News 
  6. We also offer background on who the white hats are, who financed them and how they are supporting humanity to escape from the evil clutches of the Deep State
  7. We have also given a break down of how NESARA (GESARA) was created, who drove it towards a successful outcome and what we can expect once it is made public
    1. GESARA
  8. We have also created a section to explain how the new Quantum Based Money Supply will operate.
    1. Quantum Financial Syatem
  9. We have also created seven very detailed sections on Common Law (Natural LAW), to support people to innerstand all of their inalienable rights and how to protect these rights
  10. Common Law – How the Deep State captured Humanity?
    1. How the Deep State Captured Humanity
  11. Common Law – What we can expect in the short, medium and Long term
    1. What to expect – Short, medium and long term
  12. Common Law – Innerstanding your Straw Man and Cestui Que Vie Trust
    1. Innerstanding your CQV Trust
  13. Common Law – Innerstanding the term LAW and how to leverage this to your advantage
    1. How to Leverage the LAW to your advantage
  14. Common LAW – Innerstanding how to regain your Sovereignty, using Natural LAW
    1. Innerstanding – Natural LAW
  15. We have also included a section on how to correct your sovereign status
    1. How to correct your status and become a Sovereign being
  16. Common LAW – You never ever lose your Inalienable Rights
    1. Never lose your INALIENABLE RIGHTS
  17. We have also built a section describing all the tools the Deep State has deployed to manipulate, and program humanity
    1. Tools Deep State uses to mind control humanity
  18. We have also included a section on innerstanding the power of words to CREATE your future and how the Deep State has used this to force us to live in this world of war, famine and lack, which is alien to us.
    1. Innerstand the power of words
  19. We have also included a section explaining the entire COVID hoax
    1. Innerstanding the COVID Hoax
  20. Finally, we have included a section describing our journey so far, towards raising our own consciousness.
    1. Innerstanding our Journey towards raisng our consciousness

To get you started on your journey, we have created the video below, which describes both the New World Order and The Great Awakening.

Earth is going through a massive positive shift at the moment. 

There is however a lot of confusion, between separating the agenda 21 and agenda 30 New World Order monstrous nonsense, with the Incredible future promised by the Great Awakening. 

As you know, we are involved in a war, between Good and Evil, which has been raging for a very, very long time. 

Until now, evil has always had the upper hand, but thanks to the effort of a group of dedicated heroes. (white hats), who have been fighting tirelessly in the shadows, on behalf of all of us, we have turned a corner and the good guys are now in control. 

The Deep State is in a state of panic and are throwing every desperate thing they can at it.

See Video below: