Our individual Sales Empowerment Courses, are designed to support Sales Professionals, to have access to tailored learning materials, which will support them to optimise specific sales skills. For example, they could learn how to leverage email, get the most from Social Selling or learn how to get the most from their sales day, etc.

A bundled course consists of a number of specific courses, which are combined to create the right tailored solution to cater for the different needs of sales professionals. We have bundled courses to empower sales people, who are new to sales. We also offer advanced Sales Enablement Bundles, designed to support Sales Professionals to acquire new skills to support them to take their sales to the next level.

​Yes! It is designed to offer a great viewing and engagement experience on both mobile phones and tablets

Yes, it is an online Learner Platform. So it works on all platforms, including Apple, Android and PC.

We are so confident in how well our solution works that we offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason or you feel that it does not meet your needs in any way, within 30 days of purchase. We will gladly refund 100% of your investment. 

We accept all international credit cards and Paypal

Yes we do, see below:

  • 5 -10 Units will attract a 10% discount
  • 11 -20 units will attract a 15%  discount
  • 21 – 30 units will attract a 20% discount
  • 31 – 50 units will attract a discount of 25%
  • 51 units and above is open to negotiation 

This Digital Sales Empowerment Solution is delivered as a blended training approach. 

You will receive access, to the following resources:

  • Online Learner portal
  • 24/7/365 access to our Online Learner portal, which is packed with educational videos, audios empowering short bursts of text and questions that are designed to unlock new sales behaviours in you.
    • This online facility is available to you 24/7/365, which means that you can learn at your own pace and in your own time.
    • The short powerful videos, are designed to reinforce the learning and highlight crucial new sales skills and sales resources, which will help you to accelerate the learning and application process.
    • The short text, between videos, is designed to enhance the message and encourage application of the new sales skills, sales resources or sales info. 
    • The quizzes and questions then effortlessly unlock the daily sales behaviours you need to engage in, to ensure your ongoing sales success.
    • You will then be reminded daily, to apply these new sales behaviours via email and whatsApp.
  • Audio Books
  • You will download at minimum one audio book per course.
    • These audio books are listened to during your commute, as a really powerful teaching aid.
    • The repetition as you listen to the audio book, supports you to convert short term memory into long term memory
    • They also help you to organise the knowledge in your mind, so that it is accessible, when you need to apply it.
  • Daily emails
    • You will receive daily emails to help you to:
    • Stay motivated and driven to invest in your personal development daily
    • Remind you to implement the new sales behaviours you will unlock, when using the online sales empowerment solution.
    • The daily emails will also contain, golden nuggets of sales advice and tips.
    • They will also serve to inspire you daily, with our daily inspirational message. 
  • MOBILE Rapid Learning Videos
    • These are short, engaging and very informative educational and motivational videos.
    • You will watch these videos, throughout the day, whenever you have a gap or time between meetings.
  • Weekly e-zines
    • You will also receive a weekly e-zine, which is a very bright and cheerful, magazine, which is packed with pictures, inspiration and some powerful new sales insights. 

Our approach to learning is different. We understand that sales professionals, all need to brush up on their sales skills on a regular basis, but that they do not have enough time to do so. 

We designed all of our Sales Empowerment solutions with two things in mind:

  • How do we convert consumption time (commuting, reading emails, waking up in the morning, etc.) into investment time (learning) .
  • How can we create a blended approach to learning, so that our learners could engage the learning material, throughout their day, without wasting any of their valuable sales day. 

Converting consumption time into investment time.

  • We all believe that we have insufficient time available daily to complete all our sales tasks, let alone find time to engage in the sales empowerment learning that we know, we need.
  • Training that will help me to optimise my earning capability.
  • When we designed our Sales Empowerment Solution, we designed it with this in mind.
    • We designed audiobooks, to be listened to during your commute, thus converting the time you would normally have wasted commuting, into valuable learning or investment time.
    • We also designed our MOBILE rapid learning videos, for regular empowering video or audio learning segments.
    • Learners engage with these short mobile video segments, whenever they have any free time between meetings.
    • We send out short powerful emails, daily to support inspiration, learning and to remind learners to apply the new sales behaviours they have unlocked, when using the Online Sales Enablement Solution.
    • The few minutes it takes to read these short empowering emails daily, will not affect your day very much at all, but will add significant value to your learning experience.
    • You are encouraged to form accountability partnerships with someone on a similar success path to your own.
    • This helps you to stay motivated and gives you someone to support you to remain motivated and driven to grow.
    • We teach all of our students to no longer push the snooze button.
    • Instead they use that wasted time daily, to invest into unlocking new powerful daily sales behaviours, as they engage with the online sales empowerment solution which will help them to consistently smash their sales targets. 
    • This 30 minutes they invest daily into their personal growth, instead of snoozing, will completely transform their lives in a very short time.