Bundled Multi-Channel Communication Solution


This is a bundled Multi-channel Communication Solution,
which consists of six empowering modules, as follows:

1. Multichannel communication strategy
2. Developing routines, to support your Multi-channel communication strategy
3. Optimise how you use the telephone
4. Using Email, as part of your Multi-channel communication strategy
5. Using Social Selling as part of your Multi-channel communication strategy
6. Developing your Sales Decks

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This bundled product consist of six modules, as listed below:

  1. Multi-channel communication strategy – empowers you to consistently engage your existing and future customers, using powerful tailored sales resources and a variety of digital and other communication methodologies
  2. Develop routines, to support you Multi-channel communication strategy – whatever gets scheduled, gets done. We empower you with a daily, weekly and monthly schedule that will ensure that you carry out all the crucial activities required to run a successful multi-channel communication strategy
  3. Optimise the way you use the telephone – the telephone is a crucial part of any multi-channel communication strategy. In this module, we empower you to know when and most importantly how to use the telephone, as a powerful sales resource
  4. Using email, as part of your Multi-channel communication strategy – we empower you to personalise and tailor your emails, so that they have the greatest impact and your customers and future customers, actually open and read them.
  5. Using Social Selling, as part of your multi-channel communication strategy – we empower you to learn the art of social selling, to create awareness, educate and show expertise in the markets you serve.
  6. Developing your Sales Decks – this module will empower you to discover all the crucial sales info, which, ┬áis located throughout your organisation and guide you to create a central online portal, which is easy to access from anywhere. You will also be guided to create new tailored sales resources, sales data and sales info, to support your sales efforts.

When these six modules are combined, you have an incredible communication machine, that works, even when you are asleep.

You will be equipped with all the sales tools and resources, you need to effectively communicate with your existing and future customers, using a myriad of different methodologies and tools.


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