Predictable Sales Process – New Customers


Your Predictable Sales Process, for future customers is a sales process designed to support you to carry out all the crucial sales related activities, required to effectively smash your sales target on an ongoing basis


We develop your Predictable Sales Process for New customers as follows:

  1. We use your annual sales target as a starting point
  2. We break your annual new business sales target back into daily, weekly and monthly objectives
  3. We create a set of daily, weekly and monthly objectives to ensure that we achieve each of our daily, weekly and monthly new business targets.
  4. Once we are certain that our objectives, when achieved, will support us to achieve all the targets we have set, we then convert these into daily weekly and monthly sales activities.
  5. Next we create a daily weekly and monthly schedule, which we measure, to ensure that we get complete all required activity.
  6. Then we perform all the required activities, deilay, weekly and monthly andwe sit back and watch the sales roll in.

What will your Predictable Process do for you?

  1. Create awareness with future customers
  2. Engage new customers
  3. Keep deals alive and moving through your sales funnel
  4. Educate your future customers
  5. Create long term mutually beneficial partnerships with all your customers

This simple process, ensures that we consistently smash our targets and provide the requisite exceptional customer experience, for all of our future customers



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