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Sales professionals, who are winning in sales today, are not your typical by-the-book salesperson, doing the same old things, the same old way, day in and day out.

Winning sales professionals 

Step outside their comfort zones, become creative, innovative and embrace new ideas

Embrace Change 

To start to win at sales, it is time, to embrace and welcome change”



Winning sales professionals, invest the time to discover the following:

  • They understand how to prosperously navigate the always-changing sales landscape
  • They introduce new ways to nurture mutually beneficial partnerships with all their existing and prospective customers
  • They consistently look for ways to stand out from the herd.

Become a Perpetual Student

It is time for us to accept that if we want to be winners, we must become perpetual students of:

  • Our customers
  • Our industry
  • Our markets
  • Our profession

In this ever-changing landscape, it is crucial that we start to look both inwards and outwards, to examine the ever-shifting sales environment.

Look outside your Comfort Zone

Consistently find new ways to wow your customers, by: 

  • Accepting that you must Look outside your comfort zone, or should I say outside your “familiar zone
  • Accepting that both you and your organisation, have WEAKNESSES
    • You must then uncover, innovative ways to mitigate or eliminate them.
  • Identifying all possible THREATS in your markets and at your customers.
  • This will support you to develop strategies, to help you to work around, mitigate or completely eliminate any weaknesses, both you and your organisation may have.
  • Exploring your market and customers, so that you identify all the possible OPPORTUNITIES available to you.
    • Once these opportunities are identified, you then need to develop plans to take advantage of all of them.
  • Knowing what the STRENGTHS both you and your organisation possess
    • Once you understand all the strengths, that both you and your organisation possess, you will be equipped to operate optimally.


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