Application (Add Extra Value)

Application (Add Extra Value)

Add Extra Value – Application

Welcome to the application section of this course. Please give the following questions some deep thought and then answer each one as comprehensively as possible. This is the part of the Sales Enablement Solution, where we really put our noses to the grindstone and turn the sales tools and techniques we learn into useful and valuable resources, which will make a lasting difference to your sales performance and results.

Look at your market and customers and identify areas where you can add additional value to them. To really WOW your customers, you need to be a little creative and innovative, as this will help to separate you from the competition.

Although being creative and thinking of innovative ideas, which will WOW your customers, is important. It is also crucial to remember that it is often the small things, which are appreciated the most by your customers. Small gestures like hand written Thank You Notes every time they place an order or remembering anniversaries or birthdays, also goes a long way towards showing your commitment to your customers.