Understanding how to build your own “POWER SCHEDULE”

Understanding how to build your own “POWER SCHEDULE”

So how does it work?

  • Break your day up into 90-minute segments, followed by short rest periods, to allow you time to regenerate and recharge your batteries.
  • I know it sounds counterintuitive to make time to rest every 90 minutes, but by doing this you never feel overwhelmed and you have the optimal energy to tackle all your daily tasks.
  • These short rest periods of 3-5 minutes are a time to walk away from your desk or if you are driving between customers.
  • The rest periods are effectively an opportunity to switch off and relax.


  • Allocate your daily sales tasks in order of importance, into these 90 min segments.
  • The secret to make this work for you, requires you, to include the most important sales tasks, when you are the most energised. – first thing in the morning
  • Those are your priority sales tasks, which will help you to achieve your sales targets.
  • Then, as your day progresses, you can schedule less important tasks.
  • Develop the habit of tackling each task in sequence, of importance, throughout your day.
  • A huge side benefit of doing this is: Once you get the most important sales tasks done, each day, you will not be wasting energy worrying about them, so you will be more focused and driven

When is the “PRIME TIME” of your day?

  • Your first 90 minutes of your day is the primetime of your day.
  • Allocate this time to perform the highest value sales actions of your day.
  • These are those sales actions, which will bring you or your organisation the greatest value that day.

Test your tasks against the rewards they offer

  • When deciding on the importance of each task, start by testing them against the rewards you will get for completing the task, versus the consequences of putting it aside to complete it later.

Using the 80 – 20 rule to your advantage

  • As you know 20 % of what you do, delivers 80 % of the results in your life and the other 80 % only delivers 20 % of the value.
  • Carefully invest the time to select the right 20 % of your activities, to focus your energy on daily and find ways to delegate, delete or just do the other 80 %, so that they do not interfere with your day.

Remain in CONTROL of your day

  • You must remain in control of your day at all times.
  • Yes of course people want to interrupt you throughout your day.
  • My question is simply this. When you are in an important meeting with a client, how many interruptions do you allow? “NONE” right.
  • That is simply because you are accustomed to working this way.

Schedule your day according to YOUR NEEDS

  • Learn to break your cycle of dependence on the notion that you need to be available to satisfy everyone else’s needs, at the drop of a hat.
  • Schedule your day according to your needs; including time to take phone calls, answer emails, conduct meetings etc. and you will have mastered your life and optimised your sales productivity.


  • Don’t forget to schedule time each day to work on your goals.
  • This is time I like to call “MEET MY FUTURE”.
  • This is time I schedule every day to carry out my goal specific actions.
  • Your goals specific actions are those actions, which are going to deliver the meaning and fulfilment you desire.