How are you going to engage your future customers?

How are you going to engage your future customers?


One of the best ways to know exactly what content is a perfect fit for each specific customer is to use a “LEAD MAGNET” to get your future customers to supply you with their contact details.

The more positive responses you get, when people, respond positively to your LEAD MAGNET. The greater the response, the better the content is performing, in terms of “ENGAGEMENT


A lead magnet is some really high value content that you provide free of charge, via your various social channels. When one of your future customers subscribes to receive the really valuable free content, they do the following:

  • Provide you with their contact details
  • Reveal exactly what they are interested in or are looking for at that specific time.

To use LEAD MAGNETS effectively, you must ensure that you have an autoresponder set up that sends the content out and also starts a campaign to send the follow-up emails.

The objective here is to start a conversation with your future customers and then to get them to meet with you, so that you can sell them either your product or service.


A trip wire is an amazing offer that you position at a really low price, to provide your future customer with a really LOW ENTRY PRICING POINT, so that the risk of becoming a customer is low.

Once they have accepted the TRIPWIRE offer, the next step is to work, to up-sell them to a more profitable product or service.