How do you plan to EDUCATE your future customers?

How do you plan to EDUCATE your future customers?

The first step in any Multi-Channel communication strategy, is to EDUCATE, ENGAGE and INFORM, the various stakeholders, at your customers and future customers.

The way you do this is as follows:

Step 1

  • Create or discover relevant content to share with both your customers and future customers
    • The purpose of this content is to spark meaningful conversation and to highlight the positive transformation, your customers can expect, when choosing you as a supply partner.

Step 2

  • Share the content with your MAGNIFICENT 50 via very targeted social media and email campaigns.
    • This can be achieved by sending targeted content via:
      • LinkedIn messenger
      • Facebook messenger
      • Targeted Facebook advertising campaigns
      • Targeted email campaigns
    • Share the relevant content with your targeted future customers, where they are.
      • This can be achieved as follows:
        • Facebook feed – Personal page
        • Facebook feed – Business Page
        • Facebook – Paid ads
        • Facebook – Messenger
        • LinkedIn feed – Personal page
        • LinkedIn – Post content to your 100 carefully selected groups
        • LinkedIn – Messenger
        • LinkedIn – Paid ads
        • Twitter Feed – Personal page
        • Twitter – Paid ads
        • Other Social media channels, which are suited to your industry
        • Targeted email campaign