Identifying your Magnificent 50 Copy

Identifying your Magnificent 50 Copy

When you focus your energy on a few carefully selected future customers that you make a priority, you are no longer spraying an ineffective message into the market and praying that it will stick somewhere.

Instead you have a very targeted approach as follows:

  • You carefully select your perfect future customers
  • You research each one thoroughly
  • You discover exactly how to best communicate with each one, where they are, using your multi-channel or digital communication strategy.
  • You take a longer-term view, where you look for ways to develop long term , mutually beneficial partnerships with these future customers
  • You build a sales and multi-channel communication plan for each one

When you focus on only a few priority future customers, you are able to dramatically improve your productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. It takes as much time to call on prospects, who will never buy from you, as it does to efficiently call on perfectly qualified future customers, who are a perfect fit for both you and your organisation.