List how much time you have wasted each day below:

List how much time you have wasted each day below:

Use your “Activity Log”, over the the next five days, to explore your current time habits.

This exercise, will cost you about 8 minute a day (1 minute/hour). I assure you that the massive benefits that will flow to you, for this small investment, are well worth the effort

How do you do it?

After each hour passes, record how you spent your time, on your activity log, as shown previously. Do not analyse the data at all, at this point. Merely pause at the end of each hour and record what you did during the last hour.

At the end of the five days, go back and examine your five sheets, to see how well you did with your time? 

Each time you took coffee breaks, stood in a queue, surfed the web, read junk mail, day dreamed, gossiped with people or avoided doing the things you knew you needed to do, mark that with a red asterix.

Now add up all the time you wasted each day. Most people who do this exercise astound themselves, with how much time they actually waste.

In most cases it is in the region of 2 – 4 hours a day

Imagine how your life would change if you utilised that time more effectively?

The awareness that flows, from this understanding, will help you to eliminate time wasters from your day, wich will help you to focus your sales efforts, on your most crucial sales specific activities

Action Idea: Once you have completed this exercise. Start each hour going forward, with the new habit of asking yourself the question: 

Is the way I intend to invest the next hour, the best use of my available time”?

If you feel that the way you intend investing your time, is not the most valuable use of your available time, then ask a follow-up question, such as the one below:

If not how can I better utilise my time, during the next hour”? 

If you are constantly looking for ways to improve how you use your available time and you are committed to keep making these improvements.

You will very quickly improve the way you use your available time.

More time for sales related activities = Optimised Sales Success