What Value are you going to add at each meeting?

What Value are you going to add at each meeting?

Add Value at every customer meeting

When visiting your existing customers, you have designed a number of reasons for visiting them and then you created agendas for each reason.

Now I want you to allow your creative juices to flow. Try to come up with one innovative reason for adding meaningful value to your existing customer s at each meeting.

Examples of different ways to “Add Value” to your customers

  • Call to thank customers for every order
  • Send hand written “Thank you” Cards, for really big orders or significant events
  • Send e-zines or e-Books to support customers with any challenges they may be experiencing
  • Get a special magazine printed, with customers face on the cover of the magazine
  • Send customer a set of specially printed mugs
  • Send specialised magazine, which crawls the internet for info about customers sport or hobbies and then creates a fun magazine for them
  • Send Teddy bear, with your logo on it, when customer or customers child has a baby
  • Print and frame a picture of the customer and give it to them
  • Send an sms from your car after each meeting, thanking them for their time, confirming the time and purpose of the next meeting
  • Learn and use everyone’s names as often as possible
  • Show everyone respect, irrespective of their position or role in the business
  • Consistently look for ways to exceed expectations
  • Send gifts on special occasions
  • Send hand written thank you notes for orders.
  • Send hand written birthday and special occasion cards.
  • Send them articles, which will be of service to them
  • Make regular calls to ensure that everything is on track. Ask for negative feedback. It is better to know things are not perfect, early on, rather than waiting until things have spiralled out of control and the customer moves to the competition.
  • Keep a record of all important events, children’s school plays, spots events they will participate in etc. and send hand written congratulatory notes or call them to show you remembered.
  • Provide all the information they need to utilise your product or service optimally
  • Cross sell or up sell, them all the products or service they need, ensuring that they receive the optimal value from you and you organisation.
  • Try to offer some sort of rewards program, reserved for special customers only. Make them feel special.
  • Constantly ask for suggestions, about how you can make their experience even better
  • Follow-up and oh yes of course, follow up again. You can never offer sufficient service.
  • Promise plenty and always deliver much, much more